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UK Equity Member M00218780


UK Spotlight:




Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art

3 Year Diploma in Classical Acting 

Oxford School of Drama

Acting Foundation 


Maggie Flannigan Meisner Studio

Meisner Technique


Upright Citizens Brigade - UCB NYC

Improv 101 & Improv 201


Height: 5’10” 

Hair: Brunetter, Long

Skin: Medium


Sir Toby/Sebastian/Valentine, TWELFTH NIGHT: A GENDER EXPERIMENT, Natasha Rickman

Jane/Pamela/Gladys, OUT OF ORDER, Tom O'Connell Productions, Ray Cooney

You Only Live Mice, THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY, Scene and Heard, Dan Green

Betty, THE BEAU DEFEATED, The Rose Bankside, Natasha Rickman

Anna, VASSA ZHELEZNOVA, The Faction, Rachel Valentine Smith

Alsion,  FLUID, Small Things Theatre Co, Phillip Scott-Wallace

Joan, JOAN OF Arc (Reptember Solo Show), The Faction, Rachel Valentine Smith

Duende Clown, DUENDE, The Faction, Rachel Valentine Smith

Elizabeth, RICHARD III, The Faction, Mark Leipacher


Joan, JOAN OF ARC, The Faction, Rachel Valentine Smith & Mark Leipacher

Emily/Stuzzi, THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY, The Faction, Mark Leipacher

Nurse, ROMEO & JULIET, The Faction, Rachel Valentine Smith

Lecturer, DUENDE- REPTEMBER, The Faction, Rachel Valentine Smith

Ruth, HONEY BEES- LINE UP, Vertical Line, Jonathan Moore

Woman, SHAKESPEARE'S LOVERS, The Faction, Sean Turner

Amalia, THE ROBBERS, The Faction, Mark Leipacher

Jocasta, THEBES, The Faction, Rachel Valentine Smith

Gertrude, HAMLET, The Faction, Mark Leipacher

M, KINGDOM COME- THE STORY PROJECT 5, Ugly Sister Productions, Lisa Cagnacci

Nurse, ROMEO & JULIET, The Old Harrovian Players, Charlie Ward

Olga, THREE SISTERS, The Faction, Mark Leipacher

Julia, FIESCO, The Faction, Mark Leipacher

Wife, BLOOD WEDDING, The Faction, Rachel Valentine Smith

Helen, GUILTLESS- THE STORY PROJECT 4, Ugly Sisters Productions, Choon Ping

Elizabeth, MARY STUART*, The Faction, Mark Leipacher

Sarah, MR KOLPERT, The Curious Room, Rachel Valentine Smith

Emilia, OTHELLO, The Faction Theatre Co., Rachel Valentine Smith

Helena, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, The Faction Theatre Co., Mark Leipacher

Nadia, NADIA SAYS BY IRMA KURTZ , Paper Scissors Stone, Lisa Cagnacci

Kristen, MISS JULIE, The Faction Theatre Co., Mark Leipacher

Queen Elizabeth, MARY STUART*, The Faction Theatre Co., Mark Leipacher

Viola, TWELFTH NIGHT, The Faction Theatre Co., Mark Leipacher

Albertina, THE BETRAYAL OF MEMORY, The Calder Bookshop Theatre, Sergio Amigo

Amalia, THE ROBBERS (TRANSFER), Bath Theatre Royal , Mark Leiapcher

Ellen, STRINDBERG'S APARTMENT, The Faction Theatre Co., Mark Leipacher

Amalia, THE ROBBERS*, The Faction Theatre Co., Mark Leipacher

Lady Milford, INTRIGUE / LOVE, The Faction Theatre Co./Southwark Playhouse

Ariel, THE TEMPEST (TOUR), The Faction Theatre Co., Mark Leipacher

Olivia, TWELFTH NIGHT, The Faction Theatre Co., Mark Leipacher

Adriana, THE COMEDY OF ERRORS, The Curious Room, Knight Mantell

Lady Anne, RICHARD III, The Faction Theatre Co., Mark Leipacher

Bess, THE HIGHWAYMAN, The Curious Room, Rachel Valentine-Smith

Princess of France, LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST, The Curious Room, Knight Mantell

Doris, MY MOTHER SAID I NEVER SHOULD, Stand-up Drama, Graham Lappin

Dick Whittington, DICK, Partytime Productions, Terry Ashe & Peter Benedict

Helena, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, The Original Theatre Company, Knight Mantell

Fairy Godmother/Haughty, CINDERELLA, Partytime Productions, Peter Benedict

Guy Fawlkes, GUNPOWDER, TREASON AND PLOT, Working Space Theatre, Mike Betteridge

Elizabeth Collier, ABSOLUTE HELL, Webber Douglas, Stuart Wood

Woman Doctor, ALFIE, Webber Douglas, David Warwick

Lucille Cadeau, HOUSE, Webber Douglas, David Warwick

Mollie Malloy, THE FRONT PAGE, Webber Douglas, Richard Frost

Mrs Boreman, THREE BIRDS ALIGHTING ON A FIELD, Webber Douglas, Hilary Wood

Adele Natter, UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, Webber Douglas, Hilary Wood

Beatrice, A SERVANT TO TWO MASTERS, Webber Douglas, Jack Milner

Raina, ARMS AND THE MAN, Webber Douglas, Stuart Wood

Juliet Hulme, DAUGHTERS OF HEAVEN, Webber Douglas, Jill Colby

Helen, LOVE ON THE DOLE, Webber Douglas, Melanie Jessop

Hester, THE DEEP BLUE SEA, Webber Douglas, Tom Hunsinger

Noah, THE GRAPES OF WRATH, Webber Douglas, Rhys Thomas

Henriette, THE SISTERHOOD, Webber Douglas, Julian Forsythe

Mrs Lansdale / Dot, ALLEGRO, Webber Douglas, Kym Grant

*Member of  Award Winning Ensemble THE FACTION – since 2008,  performing in four repertory seasons with The Faction as leading ensemble cast.


Olivia, The Introduction, The Curious Room, Kate Sawyer

Mary, Not Waving, The Curious Room, Kate Sawyer

Lexi, Between You and Me, Animus Productions, Grace Porter

Dolly, TEA, The Curious Room, Kate Sawyer

Mary, THE WOMAN IN THE WALLS, S.E.A, Mollie Hill

Liz, WRONG NUMBER, Grandpoint Enterprizes, Peter Tickler

Mrs Forster, LILY & THE REVOLUTION, A Jackson Films, Rania Iraki

Raver Girl, LEON ELSE MUSIC VIDEO, Danny Gold Films, Danny Gold

Art Teacher, THE FIGHT, Claire McCardle, Claire McCardle

Reneeta, RENEETA AND DERMOT, Bournemouth Film School, Deidre Ellis

The Countess, THE DEATH OF VAMPIRELLA, The Curious Room, Tom Whitelaw & Joel Stephens

Camille, RINGS TRUE, Silver Street, Stephanie Vinenzie

Bess, THE HIGHWAYMAN, The Curious Room, Lucy Riseley

1940's Woman, 2005 CALENDAR, Marco Sanges, Marco Sanges


*The Faction’s Mary Stuart 2012 OFFIE AWARD- BEST ENSEMBLE 2013


*The Curious Room’s The Highwayman 2008 PICK OF THE FRINGE AWARD

Special Skills

Sports: Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga Diploma, Hatha & Bikram))
Strong Singing Voice - Mezzo-Soprana, Rock, Pop, Musical Theatre, Soul, Contry & Western.


RP English (Native)
Standard American
UK: Cockney, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Suffolk, West-Country, Scottish, Welsh.

Good ear for accents.


Basic French & German

Learning Spanish (11% according to Duolingo!)



US Talk Show Host, THE LETTER, Resonance FM, Daniel Ruiz Tizon.


DCI Meyers, CRIME FAILS (Pilot), Channel Flip, Riyad Barmania 


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