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Channel 5: Not Waving featured by Susie Amy on The Wright Stuff:

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Regular Channel 5 The Wright Stuff panellist and star of of 'Not Waving', Susie Amy, talks about making the film and being directed by me live on air.
(aired live Thursday 24th August 2017)

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Illumination 11: Kate Sawyer (Harriet Williamson)

Sunday, May 28, 2023

‘Illumination’ is a new series that explores the relationship between mental illness and creativity. I’m interviewing people engaged in art, music, theatre and many more creative avenues and inviting them to open up about their mental wellbeing and the way their struggles with mental health may inform their more.

The Faction Theatre Company (Exeunt Magazine)

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Leipacher and executive producer Kate Sawyer recognise that this traditional rep system is one that has largely fallen out of use in the UK. Their artistic inspiration instead comes from across the Channel; they aim to eventually run like a European theatre company, with a permanent ensemble, a home venue and a rolling repertoire of plays. Mounting their first full rep season in January and February is a decisive step in that more.

Spotlight On: The Faction Theatre Company. (A Younger Theatre)

The Faction Theatre Company is definitely doing something right. This year it has won a Peter Brook Empty Space Award (Equity Best Ensemble) and is currently reviving REP at the New Diorama Theatre, where it is also company in residence. Artistic Director Mark Leipacher and Executive Producer and performer in the season Kate Sawyer talk all things ensemble, REP and their dreams for a permanent London more.

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