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Shortlisted for Southern Exposure

I am so delighted to discover I have been shortlisted for the Southern Exposure Film Fund. Yes, the prize and the prospect of making another film is exciting but the mentor programme and training that this shortlisting allows me and my team is what I am so excited about. The script that I will be working on is called 'The Introduction' working title and pre-story day I'd say the film's tag line could run something like 'A Rom-Com' but back to front.

Romantic comedy has long been a favourite genre of mine but the more awakened I become as a feminist I realise just how skewed the power is towards male characters in that genre. So I am keen to turn that on it's head, to celebrate human attraction and affection in a non-binary way and through the female gaze.

I am so looking forward to working with and networking with other filmmakers from the two boroughs on Lambeth and Southwark who have been selected and getting everything out of this opportunity. Watch this space for updates on the process!

The opportunity to

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