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Five class countdown

There are only five classes of my Summer Intensive here at The Maggie Flanigan Meisner Studio in NYC. The desire to stay on and do the two year course is intense. The work is intense. I want to master it, the technique, my craft. But it would take a huge amount of organisiation and upheaval to do that.

In some ways it is rather odd that I want to continue with this work when I have left most classes in an extreme emotional state; either in tears or laughing, or like last Friday, both. But that is because the work makes you feel so intensely alive. If you stick to the simplicity of the rehearsal exercises the person opposite you changes you, completely and you don’t have to DO a thing. Magic.

This city is magic. New York in the summer, despite the 85% humidity, is an enchanted place. The energy, most of it positive, encases you and takes it upstream with it. It is glorious.

I have felt doors opening for me both internally and externally. Both professionally and personally. If you give into the city, she’s got your back.

The idea of saying goodbye and moving on to pastures new is already making my heart-ache. But I am going to enjoy every second of my last five classes (for now..!) at the studio, every tear and titter is to be treasured, because who knows…maybe if I remember how it feels I can take the sensation of living this intensely wherever I go.


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