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Help me make not one film but two!

Our Indiegogo Campaign for The Curious Room's upcoming two short films is LIVE!

Up until this point all of my ventures as The Curious Room have been completely self funded but with these two films I want to take it to the next level! Over the next two months we are running a campaign to try to raise £5000 to make two short films, pay all of the 20+ cast and creatives and submit both films to festivals across the globe.

We know it is a huge task! But if everyone involved tells everyone they know and donates £5 and those people tell every one they know and they donate £5...well, you can see where I'm going with this!

If you are reading this I'd be deeply grateful if you could do three things for me:

1) WATCH this video

2) Head over to our Indiegogo campaign page and DONATE. Even £5 makes a difference. Lots of little donations rank us up the Indiegogo ratings and eventually we'll get noticed by people we aren't connected to who might just be interested in backing us all the same. Or there is the opportunity to roll deep and donate for some great perks such as featuring in the film or getting an IMDB credit as an executive producer!

3) SHARE the news on social media. Just next to the video on our Indiegogo campaign there are easy buttons to share our campaign on facebook, Twitter and via email- again the more people that know about what we are trying to do the higher the chance of us making our target...the countdown is on!

Watch this space for updates and do get in touch if you have any questions!


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