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I'm not afraid. I was born to do this.

Another October and I find myself becoming a recluse. Though unlike the hedgehogs and badgers that are building their nests for hibernation I am not preparing to sleep. Far from it. I am readying myself for EXTREME theatre, this year more than ever.

I am lucky enough to have been part of The Faction, an award winning London based theatre company since it’s naissance in 2008. i played Lady Anne in the company’s first ever production of Richard III and have been in 21 productions for the company over the last six years. These have included three critically acclaimed Rep Seasons, three world premiers and playing the Queen of England (Elizabeth I) on tour in Qatar!

Promotional Image from The Faction Rep Season Trailer

This year I am taking part in the Rep Season (which will premier at the wonderful central London theatre, New Diorama in January 2015) and I am really excited to announce my line of parts. I will be playing Nurse in Romeo & Juliet, directed by Rachel Valentine Smith, Emily & Stuzzi in the world premier of a new production of The Talented Mr Ripley, both written and directed by Mark Leipacher and, I am extremely excited to be playing the title role of Joan in a new adaptation of Schiller’s Joan of Arc, co-directed by Rachel Valentine Smith and Mark Leipacher.

The whole season is exciting. Each play and part presents challenges and I’d be lying if I didn’t say the prospect of playing such an iconic role as Joan of Arc doesn’t both thrill and petrify me!

Research: Visiting the Joan of Arc Statue in Paris

For now, I am getting my head down and learning lines, sticking rigidly to a healthy eating and training schedule so I will be in peak fitness for the physical demands of the season and trying to be present in every moment so I can enjoy the journey that lies ahead.


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