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Lockdown Film Share: Tea - Short Film

Tea was my first short film. Made on a shoe-string over the course of two days shooting and a week editing. It was inspired by a family legend that I suspect, like all good legends, has been subject to distortion as it has been repeated over the years. This is my contribution to that distortion. It's about boredom, domesticity, escape but at its core it's my homage to the English countryside, the strength of my grandparents' relationship and the fact my grandad was a wonderful man, who was somewhat ahead of his time when it came to the domestic division of labour.

We filmed in my nana's house in the middle of July, made use of her old vintage Dolly and drove through the countryside that surrounds the village I grew up in. Making this film was a huge learning curve for me but Ricky J Payne from Invisible Darkness guided me every step of the way; I learned loads. A few years later and I am still crazy about the soundtrack by Al Ritchie, I think it is SO beautiful and a perfect fit for the vintage quality I was trying to achieve with the film. I'll admit there is a certain naivety to the style but I am massively proud of the work.

I hope you enjoy it and that watching it provides at least 10 minutes of escapism from the strange world we're all living in at the moment and transports you to a simpler place.

"Frank said 'Where would you like to live", I said 'Anywhere but Bury St Edmunds'" 

Writer & Director - Kate Sawyer

Director of Photography & Editor - Ricky J Payne

Composer - Al Ritchie

Sound Designer - Fillipe Pereira

Cast - James Ronan & Kate Sawyer


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