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News: The Return of The Curious Room

After a four year hiatus I am really excited to announce that I am reviving my production company The Curious Room.

Inspiration has struck and I am delighted to be collaborating with brilliant cinematographer and the brains behind Invisible Darkness, Ricky J Payne on a new short-film TEA.

The Curious Room Logo

Our last production as The Curious Room was with a production of Mr Koplert at The King's Head theatre in August 2012. So why the departure to film?

On establishing The Curious Room it was always my aim for the production company to be multi platform, indeed some of the the earlier productions, Vampirella (2007) & The Highwayman (2008) were multi-media with film, music and design playing a huge part in production.

TEA will be our first stand-alone short film production and my first time being writer, director, producer and actor on a project. It's not just nepotism (can one be nepotistic of oneself?), the story is very close to home, inspired by my Grandparents Dolly & Frank and came to me almost as a vision of a final it only seems right that I take the helm- I'm excited!

That's not to say that I won't be playing with other artists! I'm really excited to be working alongside Ricky J Payne, to be collaborating with Al Ritchie who will be producing the original soundtrack, Filipe Periera our sound designer and acting opposite the very talented James Ronan.

We're filming this August and I cannot wait!

You can follow The Curious Room on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for updates on TEA and all future projects!


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