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News: Two More Shorts Coming Soon!

Exciting news! Inspiration has struck once again and I've penned two more short films that I will soon be producing as The Curious Room.

"Not Waving" is a silent short film about loneliness and the desire to belong in a community. It was inspired by real life events but has a strong allegorical bent, with themes derived from Stevie Smith's famous poem; Not Waving but Drowning and I am hoping to pay homage, or at least observe, something of the aesthetic of the British Seaside.

"Lawnmower" is a comedy short about self-sabotage, over-thinking and a woman who needs a lawnmower! This will be my first time directing comedy and I am excited to direct a genre that I love performing in.

I will be producing and directing both of the films but only acting in Not Waving, for which I will be working with a 1st AD to ensure I have an outside eye on my own performance.

Watch this space for casting news and more info about production...or follow each film on Twitter: Not Waving & Lawnmower

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