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Blog: Sixty Days to be Three Women

I’ve ummed and ahhed over writing a blog for a while. Real Me thinks it is an excellent idea. Actress Me isn’t so sure, what if I say something that is incriminating or stands against me for future jobs? Work Me (yes, there is other work other than acting in my life…) thinks about my responsibility to my two businesses and how expressing a real opinion could alienate both future patrons and my colleagues. But I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and just do it.

It seems like a good time to do it as in thirty days time I’ll be starting rehearsals to play three different women in three different plays. This essentially means I’ll be opening 2012 playing six different women, the three in the three different plays and the three in my day to day life. So not only will we have the usual conflicts of running the three versions of ‘Me’ I’m also going to grappling with running Viola in Twelfth Night, Elizabeth in Mary Stuart and Kristen in Miss Julie as I head into the first repertory season of my professional career.

I suspect that it is going to be a rather intense time and hopefully interesting to document without necessarily letting the entire world in on it (for now). I will probably spend a good deal of the next two months crying, but why break the habit of a life-time? I’ve always been a weeper.

The day commenced with a good weep and that isn’t unusual. Trying to be lots of things to lots of different people isn’t easy so I cry about it quite often. So far this year I have cried more than ever. In April, after a 3-year romantic hiatus, I stopped crying when I fell in love. I fell in love quickly, heavily, completely and as it turned out, unwisely. By June I was crying again and I’ve been crying pretty much solidly ever since.

During all of the crying I tweeted about the crying and the reasons for the crying and suddenly people were following me and liking me tweeting about the crying. So this blog is baisically a test to see if 140 characters is as far as my being funny, affecting and informative can stretch or if, indeed, I am quite good at this writing lark and people might be interested to read it.

So let’s see what have: Real Me, Actress Me, Work Me, Viola, Elizabeth and Kristen got to tell you? And will it be interesting in the least?


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